19 January 2023

In 2022, trade between Africa and China reached a record $282 billion, an 11% year-on-year increase. The increase is also due to rising commodity prices (copper, crude oil, iron, cobalt). According to Chinese customs authorities, exports to Africa totalled $164,49 billion in the 12 months to December; imports from the continent increased at the same rate, reaching $117,51 billion in the same period. This represented the second consecutive year of growth after the Covid-19 pandemic had a devastating effect on trade in 2020.

16 January 2023

Companies from Austria, China, South Korea, France, Germany, Japan, India, Israel, Russia, Singapore, the USA, Taiwan and the Ukraine have secured supplies to enable the junta to develop an "arms industrial complex".
This was stated by the Special Advisory Council for Myanmar, a group of international experts that called on foreign governments to intervene to stop the military industry in the country.

5 January 2023

Large numbers of doctors, nurses and health personnel are leaving Africa at an increasingly alarming rate, mainly in countries such as Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Kenya, which have been hit in the last two years by losses of personnel who prefer to go to Europe where salaries are higher. The numbers are alarming: there is talk of more than four thousand medical and nursing professionals emigrating from Zimbabwe in 2021 alone and fifty-seven thousand nurses emigrating from Nigeria in the last five years.

20 December 2022

According to a report by Electricity Lawyer, a service provider offering legal, regulatory and policy solutions to support international players in the electric sector in sub-Saharan Africa, electric motorbikes will be in the majority by 2040 in sub-Saharan Africa. Sales of electric bicycles and motorbikes are expected to account for 50-70% of all two-wheeler sales in the region by that year.

24 November 2022

‘Kordon’ docufilm to be shown in cities bordering Ukraine

The documentary “Kordon”, which highlights the stories of women helping Ukrainian refugees, will be shown in regions and cities bordering Ukraine that have played a vital role in helping those fleeing conflict

24 November 2022
The Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia and Brazil have launched a partnership to cooperate on forest preservation, primarily by economically incentivising the countries that reduce deforestation through the UN’s REDD+ programme DA CONTROLLARE BENE PRIMA DI PUBBLICARE

data da capire
According to a comparison of existing surveys on the opinion of 'elites' and a recently published survey of 15 Indo-Pacific countries, Southeast Asian citizens tend to be much more positive about China than their domestic elites.

15 November 2022
Total world population reached and surpassed 8 billion people today.